Solar Water Pumps is a certified supplier, distributor and installer of the whole range of Franklin Electric pumps. These range from water pumps for residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial water pumping for various applications, with diverse flow rates and maximum heads. Whatever your application we are sure to have a solution! 


Franklin Electric South Africa

Franklin Electric is the leading manufacturer of world-class pumping system solutions providing the highest quality, availability, service, innovation and value-for-money in the industry. Backed by unsurpassed expertise throughout Africa, these leading brands are ideal for various pumping applications.




  • Variety of flow rates available: 30, 45, 70, 150 and 270 ??/min


  • High flow system
  • Proven motor and pump technology and reliability
  • Built-in diagnostics and protection.


  • Livestock watering
  • Game farms
  • Rural water supply
  • Irrigation systems
  • Water from borehole, rivers and dams


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