To manage your water resources optimally one must do an assessment that maps out where these water resources occur, what the available yields are and what the water quality is. Water resources can be neither developed nor managed rationally without an assessment of the potential quantity and quality of water available. Water resources assessments are a tool to evaluate water resources in relation to a reference frame, or to evaluate the dynamics of the water resource in relation to human impacts, animal impact, agricultural, horticultural or industry demands. Water resources assessment is a tool set used in overall Integrated Water Resources Management. In the framework of WRA&M, parallel to the water resources assessment, also a material flow analysis needs to be conducted, to receive a complete picture of the water and nutrient cycles.

These are amongst the services we provide:

  1. Water resource mapping
  2. Underground water detection & quantification
  3. Borehole sighting
  4. Yield assesments of existing or new boreholes
  5. Quality assesment of the water resource by water quality assesments
  6. Sustainable yield quantification and reporting
  7. Down and upstream impact assessment on water demands
  8. Water rights enquiries and water access consultation

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